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The library of our college is one of the richest and the oldest among the libraries under the jurisdiction of Shivaji University. It contains 49,327 books and references books in senior college section.The college library is rich with reference books, periodicals and research journals. The college library is well equipped to facilitate and support research with reference books, national and international journals, books on research methodology, magazines, e-resources facilities by providing internet, INFLIBNET facility, reprography facility etc.

The library has ‘periodicals section’ for the referencing. Our library repository has been enriched by 160 e-notes and 375 PPTs prepared by the faculty. Daily newspapers in English and Marathi are provided in staff room for the staff and a separate section in the library for students.

The reference books and e-books (available via INFLIB-NET N-list) are referred by teachers, researchers and advanced learners for intensive knowledge of the subject. The library resources like text books are mainly used for rapid reading and preparation of notes by students. The CD collection of the library is useful for visualization of the historical events, geographical situation, scientific experiments and biological mechanisms. The reprographic unit provides photo copies and print outs of the study material available in the library. Teachers submit their e-material to the central library for public access and reference. Question banks are referred by the students for better preparation of the examinations. Magazines and newspapers are read by students during recess for updating their general knowledge and creative writing. Journals, e-journals and periodicals are referred by researchers for literature survey.

The reading room with seating capacity of 150 students is being used by students for self study. Night reading facility is also made available in the reading room for the students studying at night.